Everybody has a story behind their eyes, Tarume would love to be part of sharing yours

The Tarume is built on the idea that we all have a story to tell.

High-quality 3D printing technology enables a variety of digitally personalised products. Tarume products are designed and manufactured in Finland, and they are result of the collaboration of four innovative visionaries.

Our material is tough, durable and very lightweighted polyamide nylon, which makes our products wonderfully comfortable to wear. All our products are hand-dyed and hand-finished in Turku, Finland, which makes them unique and also hypoallergenic.

What makes our products even more unique is that all our frames can be personalized in terms of temple angle, temple lenght and by scaling the size of the frame up or down to suit the needs of the wearer.

Material and manufacturing are ecologically sustainable, due to the low waste of 3D technology, possibility of material reuse and because the production is carried out locally.

 Tarume products are inspired by Finnish nature and its rough sea cliffs and broken colours. For every Tarume eye and sunglass frame sold we donate €2 to the protection of the Archipelago Sea. Tarume’s creative designer Tuulia Alanen-Brandt is a fashion and style professional whose vision combines trends, functionality, timelessnes, individuality and the very ideas that inspire our beautiful nature.

Each of our Tarume products has a little story to tell, because life has to be lived with a twinkle in your eye.


Tuulia Alanen-Brandt

Tuulia is Tarume’s creative designer, style educator, stylist, aesthetician and optician, and, to balance her hectic workload, a child of nature who loves the sea. Tuulia gets her kicks from Latin rhythms and finds dancing one of the most fascinating ways of expression besides drawing.

Teemu Lohimies
3D Design

Teemu is a 3D design engineer, in whose hands Tuulia’s visions take on a truly precise technical form and implementation. Teemu is happiest when surrounded by nature and sea, or backpacking in a new world.

Tomi Kalpio
3D printing

Tomi is a 3D printing and design specialist and engineer, responsible for the printing processes, where the vision is translated into tangible form. Tomi is a big-line man, driven by new innovations around the world. Tomi is most likely to be found somewhere on the road. In his free time, Tomi is an ordinary, loving father focused on his children.

Kalle Saarinen

Kalle is a versatile specialist, who is particularly skilled in all technical solutions and assembly implementation in the optical sector. Kalle has a thirst for challenges and is inspired when he encounters new things. Kalle’s smile is at its widest when mountain biking and the small sense of danger that the sport brings makes the twinkle in his eye deepen.